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Telemedicine: What is it, and is it covered?

Telemedicine could drastically improve your access to immediate treatment for low risk, but time sensitive ailments. Read on to learn the basics about this increasingly popular form of healthcare.

What is telemedicine?

The term 'telemedicine' broadly refers to the practice of using technology to provide remote healthcare. Doctors are now utilizing video calls, phone calls, mobile apps, and other virtual platforms to diagnosis and prescribe treatment to patients in remote areas. This has enabled more people to get quick remedies for situations that are low risk, yet still time sensitive.

When, and how, do you use it?

Telemedicine has been used in the past for treating patients that have trouble reaching a major healthcare facility. They may be in a remote area, have limited access to transportation, or are just unable to wait in a doctor's office. It's also an ideal option if you're traveling and get sick. Traditionally, you'd have to wait for treatment until you're able to get to an in network doctor. With telemedicine, you could call in from any location and have a prescription ready to be picked up at the closest pharmacy. Telemedicine is also useful as a general healthcare option, even at home, because of the convenience it affords patients.

Is it covered by insurance?

Depending on your state and health insurance policy, your plan may or may not cover telemedicine. You can learn more about your options for telemedicine coverage by calling Murdock Insurance Group, visit our website here to schedule your first appointment.

What does this mean for me?

Waiting hours in a doctor's office for a diagnosis and prescription to treat a common ailment could be a thing of the past. You could say goodbye to staying sick while traveling because you're not in range of an in network doctor. Telemedicine could help you save time and money for relatively normal treatments.

Interested in learning more about telemedicine and your health insurance options? Contact Murdock Insurance Group via our website, or give us a call at 803-661-6146 with your questions. Get started #maximizinglife by finding your ideal insurance plan today!

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