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Our Ambassadors: Sean & Hannah Collings

Get to know our insurance ambassadors, Sean & Hannah Collings. We're happy to be partnering with them to raise funds for their upcoming missions to Costa Rica and Ecuador! Read on to get to know the Collings and the work they'll be doing in South America.

The Collings:

(Hannah) "I’m from Louisiana and Sean is from Pennsylvania. We’ve been married for a little over 2 years, and are currently in the application process to go into full time missions with the AG. We will be in language school in Costa Rica for a year, then in Ecuador for 2 years.

I grew up in church and always knew the Lord, but I really grew my relationship with Him while in college. I attended South Carolina School of Leadership, where I joined a missions trip to China that changed my life! I realized through that trip how essential it is to 'go and make Him known.'"

(Sean) "I got saved when I was 17 when a friend of mine invited me to youth group. When I first felt the love of the Lord in my life, I knew it was something I  wanted to share with others. My youth group took a trip to Ecuador in 2012 and from that moment on my heart was for missions and reaching different cultures."

Can you tell us about your past experience with mission work?

(Hannah) "Sean took many trips to Ecuador and really fell in love with the Hispanic culture. We both went to China during school and really gained a heart for orphans and special needs children. New Day foster home is where we spent our time there and just seeing all the lives they change and all the adoptions that were able to happen through them was incredible. We got to spend months at a time there learning and loving on those babies. When I went to Honduras in 2015 is when I realized how much I loved South America, and I feel like when Sean and I started dating the plan of opening a foster home in South America is what the Lord was echoing to both of us."

Sean & Hannah's current mission:

"We want to open up a foster home in South America. We want to help children with special needs or those in need of surgeries and help find sponsors for these children, so they are able to receive the help they need. We also really want to open up adoption in South America (whether that be in country or out of country), and to help parents there that have special needs children to become educated on how to care for them in the best way possible."

Why South America?

"While in China, Sean and I were still dating and something we always discussed was our love for the Hispanic culture. We just knew that the Lord has placed those people on our heart, and after much prayer we really felt that our next step was to spend more time there and just learn from missionaries that have been there for 20+ years. We also LOVED China and what they supply for the kids there at new day, so we really felt that making a version of that down in South America was just where He was leading us!"

What are you most looking forward to during this trip?

"Honestly, learning and preparation. Something that always echos to us is how Jesus was in preparation for 30 years and then served His mission for 3. A big part of life is about preparing what the Lord has for us and I believe He will speak through so much and through so many while we’re there."

How do you know Sherri, & what role has she played in your journey to get to this point?

"We met Sherri Murdock through our friend Ellington. She hosts a young adults group, just a time for prayer, worship and to be filled. We were in an extremely dry, difficult season, and it’s like she was placed in our lives in the perfect moment. She’s a friend, a Momma figure and a spiritual leader!"

Why are you excited to be partnering with Murdock Insurance Group, what impact or implications does this have for your trip?

"We are SO thankful for Murdock insurance company!! Not only are they helping us financially but they are also praying and warring for us :)"

We look forward to partnering with our new brand ambassadors as they pursue the calling God has given them. If you'd like to support their trip, please mention them as a reference at your consultation.

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." - Matthew 28:19
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