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Insurance Explained: Why You Need Life Insurance

It is common to think about death and tragedy when thinking about life insurance. However, life insurance is really for those who are living. Without life insurance, the loss of the breadwinner could leave a family without the resources they need to maintain their quality of life.

Professionals used to recommend that families carry a life insurance policy with a death benefit of 10 times their annual household income. Today, however, advisors suggest a policy up to 20 times your household income.

Unfortunately, most American families are underinsured. At Murdock Insurance Group, we will make sure to work with you to ensure you have adequate life insurance to support you and your family. We represent many different types of life insurance companies, and we will tailor make a plan based on your family’s specific needs. We also offer life insurance with Living Benefits. This means that if you have a critical, chronic, or terminal illness, you can access cash to live.

We can help you figure out your life insurance needs and find something that works within your budget. Schedule an appointment with Murdock Insurance Group through our website, or give us a call at 803-661-6146.

Murdock Insurance Group; helping you Minimize Risk so you can #MaximizeLife
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