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2 Essential Components of a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan

Component #1: A Health Insurance Plan
​​Pays Physician, Surgical, and Hospital Charges
Component #2: A Critical Illness Plan
Provides funding to maintain financial obligations* during recovery.
If recovery is not possible a death benefit is provided.
*(Mortgage, Auto Payments, Routine Household Expenses, Credit Card Payments, Business Expenses, etc.)
A diagram showing many benefits that critical illness plans can help by paying up to $500,000.

What are the chances of surviving a critical illness?

Fortunately the chances of surviving a major critical illness are improving. However, the costs associated with battling an illness can be detrimental to individuals that do not have the financial reserves to fund recovery. An Accelerated Benefits Rider may be the resource you need to maintain financial stability and get you back on your feet quickly after recovery.

Nearly 69% chance of surviving cancer

The 5-year relative survival rate of all cancers diagnosed between 2005-2011

Nearly 89% chance of surviving a stroke

The yearly survival rate of people in the US who suffer from a stroke

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